header image 1 - “Let’s Talk Crypto!” And Other Great Things That Are Changing Our World.

September 12th, 2018

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 - "Let's Talk Crypto!" And Other Great Things That Are Changing Our World.
On today's show Joya discusses 9/11, events and solutions for peace, including crypto with 
her guests: Trish Reilly, former Congress Chief of Staff and Scotty Bruer of Let’s Talk Crypto Other Things Changing The World

August 28th, 2018 Let's Talk Crypto and Other Things Changing The World

Joya's Guest: Roland Marconi of Media Dream Productions to discuss the SEPT 16th - #11DaysOfGlobalUnity and ENEMIES OF PEACE: PREVENTING ANOTHER WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST

Episode 14: Blockchain

August 7th, 2018 "Let's Talk Crypto!" Host: Joya Comeaux Guest: Katrina Donaghy Topic: Blockchain


Episode 13: The One Love Coop.

July 31st, 2018

On Today's Show Joya chats with Kendra Emeruem about Women in Cryptocurrency and the One Love Coop.

Episode 12: Let’s Talk Social Impact Crypto!

June 27th, 2018 "Let's Talk Social Impact Crypto!" with Evan Caron of, Hamza Choudhry of, and Dave Room of

Episode 11: Atlanta, Angeleen Wilson of

June 20th, 2018

On the show today, Joya chats with the Women in Crypto Masternode in Atlanta, Angeleen Wilson of, about all things Crypto!


Episode 10: Amy Vernon of Rivetz and Evan Bayless

June 14th, 2018

On Today's Show Joya welcomes Amy Vernon of Rivetz and Evan Bayless, Bitcoin Miner.  Amy is the newly elected Secretary, and Evan is the newly elected Vice President of the New York Chapter of "Decentralized," a spinoff of the University of Nicosia. 

Episode 9: “Let’s Talk Crypto!” - We The World, Inc.

May 29th, 2018

On today's show, Joya welcomes Rick Ulfick of We The World, Inc. to discuss how crypto and blockchain can benefit nonprofits, women, artists & youth.

Episode 8: “Let’s Talk Crypto!” - International Day of Peace Global Social Impact Peace-A-Thon

May 23rd, 2018 "Let's Talk Crypto!" -
International Day of Peace Global Social Impact Peace-A-Thon
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So getting started in, which accepts cash is one of the easiest and most secure for now.

Episode 7: “Let’s Talk Crypto!” - Katrina Donaghy

May 17th, 2018

On today's show Joya interviews Katrina Donaghy from Australia about her company's involvement with the blockchain and how it relates to digital asset based government contracts such as patents, fishing licenses, water rights, etc.

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